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onlays Tooth colored onlays (and inlays) are restorations that are used to treat rear teeth that have extensive fillings, decay and\or cracks. They are used in situations where a filling would not be strong enough to support the strong chewing forces. Most commonly onlays replace weakened or undermined cusps (i.e., biting edges) and enable the patient to retain the strongest portion of their teeth. Therefore, when an onlay can be used it is much more conservative than utilizing a crown because it preserves healthy tooth structure and can be advantageous in keeping the gums as healthy as possible.

Historically, onlays were made from gold. However, because of the unprecedented progress in tooth bonding techniques porcelain and other strong composite materials can be used to restore the tooth back to its original strength. Onlays are tooth colored and are virtually undetectable. Note that it is best to treat the tooth (teeth) before it has any symptoms such as extreme temperature or sharp biting sensitivity. With a bonded onlay in place you can minimize the chance that root canal therapy or gum surgery become necessary due to additional internal or external tooth cracking. They can transform unsightly, heavily filled teeth (silver-mercury amalgam fillings) into strong, tooth-colored works of dental art that will help you confidently eat and smile for years to come.

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